My Note for Wall-Street English Unit6-8

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Unit 6

adjective only before noun
1. diet drinks or foods contain less sugar or fat than ordinary ones低糖的; 低脂肪的:

  ;  /noun C
1. someone who changes spoken words from one language into another, especially as their job口译者,传译员;

film actor 电影演员

vi·sa  ;  /noun C
签证 exit / entry / transit visa出境/入境/过境签证

con·sul  /ˈkɒnsl/ 
/noun C 领事

splen·did  /ˈsplendɪd/  /ˈsplendɪd/ adjective especially BrE 辉煌的,杰出的

bour·bon /  /ˈbɜːbən/  /ˈbɜːrbən/ /noun U
1. a type of American whisky美国产的波旁威士忌酒

Saudi Arabia
none 沙特阿拉伯
Saudi Arabian noun, adjective

furniture n. 家具(注意是不可数名词)

babe  ;  /noun C

1. literarya baby婴儿:

babe in arms ( = one that has to be carried )襁褓小儿

2. spoken informala word for an attractive young woman宝贝儿对年轻貌美女子的称呼

3. spoken informala way of speaking to a young woman, often considered offensive小妞对年轻女子的称呼,常被认为具有冒犯性

4. spokena way of speaking to someone you love, especially your wife or husband亲爱的对自己所爱的人,尤指对妻子或丈夫的称呼


John lives near Hugo.

John lives in the next apartment.

No,it’s in Sweden actually.

So what do you do? | 那你是干什么的?

John is a manager at the Plastic Box Corporation.

Thanks for the drink.

Do you want a drink?

I want a drink.

Who is he ? | 他是谁?

The reservation’s for a quarter to eight.

You work in Paris and you don’t understand French?

I have very important imformation. (注意单复数可数状态)

Do have a seat.

Where do you live ?

You are five minutes late./He is five minutes late.

We want the lesson from David,not you. | 我们需要戴维的课程,而不是你。

parties are stupid! |

There is a party this evening. | 这句话怎么没介词?

Am I ? | 我么?(是么?)


Unit 7

sofa n. 沙发 mattress n. 床垫 shower n. 淋浴 bath n. 浴缸 stove n. 厨灶,炉头
cup·board /  ;  /noun C

cheap adj. 便宜

an·tique  /ænˈtiːk/  /ænˈtiːk/ adjective usually before noun 1. antique furniture, jewellery etc is old and often valuable家具、珠宝等古时制造的,古董的:

  1. noun . 古董、古玩,古物

bid ;  /noun C

snack  ;  /noun C
1. a small amount of food that is eaten between main meals or instead of a meal正餐以外的小吃,点心:

ri·dic·u·lous  ;  /adjective
 very silly or unreasonable愚蠢的; 荒唐的,可笑的:

-MARY: Oh, really? There isn’t a chair or a table in here.There isn’t a bed in the bedroom! There isn’t a stove in the kitchen! There isn’t any furniture in this apartment!



Don’t you know any nice girls? | 你不认识漂亮女孩子么?

What day? | 什么日子?

What day is it today? | 今天是星期几

So what about Saturday and Sunday? | 星期六和星期天如何?

That’s fine,dear. | 很好,亲爱的。


lesson 2

prefer verb. 1. to like someone or something more than someone or something else, so that you would choose it if you could更喜欢;

hob·by /  ;  /noun (plural hobbiesC业余爱好,嗜好


What about you Aiko?

What the matter with it? | ()怎么了?

Does it have any furniture? | 注意这里不是has

Go to hell. | 去死吧。

Oh,damn! | 见鬼!

What do you want from me ?

Now,that isn’t expensive,is it?| 那现在不贵了吧?

The picture is by Van Dyck. | 这幅画是范戴克的。

To the gentleman at the back,for four thousand. | 后面的绅士,四千。

This sofa is 300 years old.

Steve is only interested in Steve!

Augo knows about antiques.

That’s the end. | 到此为止。

There are drinks and snacks in the next room. | 隔壁房间有饮料和点心。(drink 做名词既可以做可数名词又可以做不可数名词

George,meet steve and Helen. | 乔治,见见史蒂夫和海伦。

Who do you work for? | 你为谁工作?

What friends? I don’t understand; what it is?” |什么朋友?我不明白?是什么(意思)?

So do you only buy furniture or do you buy pictures too?

No,only furniture,really. | 不,真的只有家具。

Do you prefer chairs or tables?

I prefer beds and sofas.


Unit 8


hamburger 汉堡

2. a room or building containing a toilet厕所,洗手间,卫生间;

yard noun C 1. MEASURE 尺度 written abbreviation yd a unit for measuring length, equal to three feet or .91 metres 码〔长度单度,等于 3 英尺或 0.91 米〕:

megaburger 超级汉堡 fries 炸薯

de·li·cious  ;  /adjective 可口的,美味的 deliciously adv.宜人的,令人愉快的

gin /  ;  /noun
 C,Ua strong alcoholic drink made mainly from grain, or a glass of this drink(一杯)杜松子酒用粮食酿制的烈性酒

ton·ic /  ;  /noun
 C,Ualso ‘tonic water a clear bitter-tasting drink that you can mix with alcoholic drinks such as gin or vodka奎宁水:
2. Ca drink that you have as a medicine to give you more energy or strength when you feel tired补药,滋补品:

airline noun 航空公司,航线

bathroom noun 1. a room where there is a bath or shower , a basin , and sometimes a toilet浴室,卫生间2. AmEa room where there is a toilet卫生间,厕所,洗手间:

Euro noun
Euro adj.欧洲的

flight / flaIt ; flaIt /noun
 TRAVEL 旅行Ca journey in a plane or space vehicle, or the plane or vehicle that is making the journey乘坐飞机或太空飞船的飞行; 航班,班机

Gate n 登机口

ca·the·dral /  ;  /noun C

Johannesburg n. 约翰内斯堡 Frankfurt n. 法兰克福

ci·gar  ;  /noun C
cigarette n. 香烟

im·port [verb] (商品)进口 1. to bring a product from one country into another so that it can be sold there进口,输入商品;ANT export




Kristi remember John from the airport. | Kristi 记得机场有个叫John的。


Hello, Kristi here. |(接电话)这里是Kristi.

This John Berry.

She has a room in your hotel.

How’s your work.

Well,What about Friday?|那星期五怎么样?

Yes, Friday is fine.

Ok,Roger,see you there.

Can you come to a restaurant with me? |你能和我一起去餐厅(吃饭)吗?

I want to see you. Come to a restaurant.

Every car and house is the same.

Her son is married to a very nice girl.

What about the toilet? | 卫生间呢?

How much is that a month? | 一个月多少钱?

-We are only students. | 我们只是学生。

-All right dear.You can have it for $1500 a month.

-Well, which number is it? | 几号?

How far is it please? | 请问有多远?

They will have some good food and drinks at the party. | 他们将在聚会中享用美食和饮品。注意介词是at不是in

Look out! | 小心。

Do you like it here?|你喜欢这里吗?

What do you want to work?|你想做什么工作?

It doesn’t matter./That doesn’t matter.




Let’s go in! | 我们进去!

Would like anything to eat?|你吃点什么?(非谓语动词-不定式做定语修饰anything)

Do you want anything to eat?

I want you, come on. | (少儿不宜)

I want you and I know you want me,come on. | (少儿不宜)

This place is really expensive .

I am a woman not a little girl.

You don’t like independent women,do you Roger?

Roger ask for the check so he can pay.

Would you like the check now?

Can I have the check,please? | 可以把账单给我么?

I can pay the check.

-So,would you like a drink first or do you want to eat now? | 那么你们是先喝点什么还是现在吃东西?

Here is your table,Mr. Petri. | 这是你的桌子。

We have a delicious fish soup. | 我们有一道很美味的鱼汤。 We have delicious fish soup. |我们有美味的鱼汤。

I don’t like fish,can I have vegetable soup,please?

What about wine? | 要什么酒?

do all right.
| 哦,我会没事(我能应付)(没关系)

Yes,please.A gin and tonic.

where is that exactlly?| 到底在哪里?

Excuse me ,can I go first? I am in a hurry! | (插队)对不起,我能先走么?我很急。

Can I take a massege? | (他不在),我能带个口信么?(有什么我能转告他的么)?

-There’s a message for you .| 这有你一个口信(信息)

-Who is it from ? | 谁的(信息)?

-It’s from Susan.

I want to speak to him.| 这里h发音弱了。

What kind of job? | 什么样的工作?

What about money? | 钱怎么算?

I am happy to work for you, Hugo.

she is back in NewYork next Wednesday. | 她下周三回到纽约.(按时间表示将要发生的动作,用一般现在时表达将来时的概念。

eg:When does the plane take off? | 飞机什么时候起飞?

She is back next Monday.

Do you sometimes go to Beijing? | 你有时会去北京么?

every time the comes to Beijing | 北京

The airport is very big, and our flight is in 20 minutes ! | 机场很大,我们的航班在20分钟内(就要起飞了)

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