Note for Wall-Street English Unit 11

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Unit 11 Lesson 1

con·cert noun C 音乐会

women’s clothes 女装 men’s clothes 男装
jeans 牛仔裤 a pair of jeans 一条牛仔裤

fake / fek ; feIk /noun C
1. a copy of a valuable object, painting etc that is intended to deceive people赝品,假货:

ma·ture   /mə’tʃʊə/  /mə’tʃʊr/ adjective
 SENSIBLE 理智的someone, especially a child or young person, who is mature behaves in a sensible and reasonable way, as you would expect an adult to behave小孩或年轻人举止成熟的,理智的,明白事理的;ANTimmature
2. FULLY GROWN 成年的fully grown and developed成年的; 成熟的:
4. OLDER 较老的a polite or humorous way of describing someone who is no longer young不再年轻的; 成熟的礼貌或幽默的说法;SYNmiddle-aged

va·ca·tion  noun 1. C,Uespecially AmEa holiday, or time spent not working 假期,休假

be kind of
有点… sort of 有点…

in·fect verb T 1. to give someone a disease传染疾病给人:

dis·in·fect   /ˌdɪsɪnˈfekt/  /ˌdɪsɪnˈfekt/ verb T 1. to clean something with a chemical that destroys bacteria消毒,给杀菌:
noun 消毒

fast food 小吃,快餐食品

over on

Why doen’t he call?

Do you mean

Do you mean he won’t phone?

Do you mean I won’t see hime again?

Do you think

There,there,it’s alright. | 好了,好了,没事了。

We’ll be late.

-How are we going there? | 我们怎么去那里?(注意是going不是go)

-We are going by bus. | 我们乘公共汽车去。

-let’s get a taxi/cab. |我们打个出租车。

What do you think of the music?

I don’t really like it.

They are giving three concerts at the garden. |

I’ll be good to her. | 我会对她好。

Why don’t we have a party?

-Let me in!

-No, you are staying out! | 不,你在外面!


-How much is this dress, pleae?

-What is the price?

-I’ll take a look. | 我来看看(标价)

-I’ll just look at the price.

-That will be $950.

Jams will buy the dress for 25$. | Jams将以25美元的价格购买这件衣服。

-No, it’s kind of expensive. | (想买),有点贵。

-Can I just look at the clothes please? | 我可以看看衣服么?

Normally, it’s twelve handred, but this week we are offering a special price. | 通常是一千二百,但是这个星期我们提供一个特价。

-So, what? | 所以呢?

I won’t pay that much. | 我不会花那么多钱。

In China, I can buy this for a hundred dollars. | 在中国我可以花一百美元买到。buy sth for $10 / £200 etc

Everything is made in china these days/is expensve here. | everything 是代词,是单数代词。

-They are fakes. | 他们(这些)是假货。

-Why is it so expensive here? | 为什么这里这么贵?

-why like this? | 为什么会这样?

I don’t know who/what/when etc. + to be

I’m new to this city.

I don’t know anything is. | 我什么都不知道

Don’t worry. I’ll get you there. |

You on vacation here? | 你在这里度假么?

Unit11 Lesson 2

Great Britain 大不列颠 reporter 记者

Buckingham Palace

ri·dic·u·lous /  ;  /adjective 1. very silly or unreasonable愚蠢的; 荒唐的,可笑的:

some·where /  ;  /adverb 1. in or to a place, but you do not say or know exactly where在某处; 到某处:

tour·ist noun C 1. someone who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure游客,游人,观光客;

pre·sent /  ;  /verb
 THEATRE / CINEMA 剧院/电影院Tto give a performance in a theatre, cinema etc, or broadcast a programme on television or radio上演; 演出; 上映; 播出广播或电视节目:

reg·u·la·tion /  ;  /noun
 Can official rule or order规则; 条例; 法令:
2. Ucontrol over something, especially by rules尤指通过规章进行的控制,管理:

Thai n.泰国人,泰国语 adj. 泰国的

cat·a·logue /  ;  /noun C also catalog AmE
1. 1 a complete list of things that you can look at, buy, or use, for example in a library or at an art show商品目录,购物指南:

stuff /  ;  /noun U
1. THINGS 事物informalused when you are talking about things such as substances, materials, or groups of objects when you do not know what they are called, or it is not important to say exactly what they are东西; 物品:

Here I am in London. |我在伦敦。

I’m not from here. I’m a forrigner.

Are you in London on business or on vacation? | 你在伦敦出差还是度假?

Work comes first, friends come last. |工作第一位,朋友最后一位

What’s the weather like there? | 那边的天气怎么样?

I’m sure of that. | 我确定。

Now, let’s go somewhere else. | 现在让我们去其他地方。

I mean: what’s your country like today? | 我的意思是:你的国家今天怎么样?

I’m afraid you can’t use that in here. | I’m afraid 句型

That is the end of ‘The World Today’. | “今日世界到此结束。

Where is Kirsti on TV? | 电视上的Kirist在哪里?

You can’t have a camera here. | 这里不允许携带相机/摄像机。

You can’t use that in here.

The regulations say that you can’t use a TV camera in here.

The weather here is different than home. | 这里的天气与家里的不同。 | 好像美式英语就说than,英式英语就说to

There are some good things, and some bad things.

In China now the temperature is 33!

Shall I/Shall we

Well, shall we go in, then? | 好吧,那我们可以进去吗?

He doesn’t have his mobile(with him). | 他没带电话。

What shall I do? |我该怎么办?

Can we meet for lunch? |我们可以一起吃午饭吗?

What do you think of

1)think of与think about这两个短语表示下列意义时,可以互换.

①考虑 eg:

Don’t think of/about me any more.不要再考虑我.

②对……有某种看法 eg:

What do you think of/ about the film 你认为那部影片怎么样


-So what would you like to eat? They have everything in this neighbourhood. | 你想吃点什么?这附近什么东西他们都有。

-Maybe we can go somewhere American. | 也许我们可以去某个美国人的地方。

I think there is a fast food place over on 11th Avenue. But you don’t want to go there, do you?| 我想在11大街那边有一家快餐店。

O, I don’t mind. If you know somewhere good. Let’s go there. | 我不介意,如果你知道一些好的地方。

Oh,I don’t mind what we eat. | 我不介意我们吃什么。

I like all those. |

Do you know somewhere good? | 你知道什么地方好吗?

I know a little Italian place. Let’s try that. |我知道一家小餐馆,让我们试试。

If it is too expensive. Let’s go somewhere else. I really dong’t mind where we go. | -如果太贵的话。我们去别的地方吧。我真的不介意我们去哪儿。

-How about Thai then?

-Is that ok by you? | 你可以吗?

I want to go to a Italian restaurant, what do you say? | -我想去意大利餐厅,你说呢?

I don’t mind

I don’t mind where we go.

I don’t mind when we go.

I don’t mind how we go.

I don’t mind what we eat.

I don’t mind what time you come.

I don’t mind how much I pay.

What do you think? | 你认为呢?你觉得如何?

I’ll think about it.

-Is that yes or no? | 是还是不是呢?(行还是不行呢?)

-Let me think about it, ok?

-Do you have a catalogue you can show me ?

-They’re nothing special really. | 其实没什么特别的。

You can make a lot of money. | 你可以赚很多钱。

You can sell that here for two hundred bucks. | 你可以在这里卖到200美元。

You can make dress in China and sell it here.

-I can buy your stuff from you. And I’ll sell it to store here in NewYork. | -我可以买你的东西。我要把它卖给纽约这里的商店。

-What’s sort of price can you pay? | 你能出多少钱?

A dress like this one, I can pay you twenty-five bucks, and I sell it for sixty to a store, and they sell it for a hundred fifty.

Unit 11 Lesson 3

vi·o·lent /  ;  /adjective
 involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people, by hitting them, shooting them etc暴力的; 强暴的:2. someone who is violent is likely to attack, hurt, or kill other people狂暴的,凶暴的;SYNaggressive3. showing very strong angry emotions or opinions情绪、意见等愤怒的,激烈的:4. violent feelings are strong and very difficult to control情绪极端的; 暴躁的:

news·stand /  ;  /noun C
1. a place on a street where newspapers and magazines are sold书报摊,报刊亭

ex·ec·u·tive /  ;  /noun C
1. a manager in an organization or company who helps make important decisions机构或公司的主管,经理:

mul·ti·na·tion·al /  ;  /adjective
 a multinational company has factories, offices, and business activities in many different countries公司跨国的,在多国经营的:


It’s not exactly near here, my dear.

-Well, how far is it?

-It’s a long way.

It’s near here.

-You go walk this road, make a left, make a right, and then you see it. | 你沿着这条路走,左转,右转,然后你就看到了。

Do I turn right? | 我右转吗?

Yes, first turn right, then turn left. | 是的,先右转然后左转。

How do I get to the restaurant?

On the other side of the road. | 在马路的另一边。

You go up the road, turn right and turn left, and there it is on the other side of the road. | 你沿着这条路走,右转,左转,它就在路的另一边。

-The restaurant is up this road. Turn left and then turn right. | 餐厅就在这条路上。向左转,然后向右转。

You turn left to get to the store. | 你向左转去商店。

The dress shop is on the corner of Broadway and 53th. | 服装店在百老汇和第53大街的转角处。

Why do I need to hurry? | 我为什么要着急呢?

Don’t be ridiculous, Peter. | -别傻了,彼得。

Good heavens. | 我的妈呀。(天哪!)

Very well, if you like, I don’t mind.

-When are you getting married?

We are not getting married, it’s over. | 我们不()结婚。

We are not married. | 我们没有结婚。

I’ll get married to John in December.

Well, are you doing anything tonight? | 嗯,你今晚有事儿吗?

How long are you staying in NewYork? | 你要在纽约待多久?

-For a year, maybe more.

-Thanks, maybe I’ll call you at work. | 谢谢,也许我上班时给你打电话。

I’m an executive with a multinational corporation. | 我是一家跨国公司的主管

Will you take my business card? | 请收下我的名片好吗?

The police know about you now. | 警察现在知道你了。(注意这里不是”认识“)

Visit this guy’s apartment, break his furniture, and teach him a lesson, ok? | 去这家伙的公寓,弄坏他的家具,教训教训他,好吗?

We live in violent times. | 我们生活在暴力的时代。

He lives next door. | 他住在隔壁。

The fare will be $60. | 车费是60美元。

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