Wall-Street English Unit13

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Unit 13 Lesson 1

square /  ;  /adjective
 IN A TOWN 在城镇里a large open area in the centre of a town or city, usually in the shape of a square, or the buildings surrounding it广场; 广场周围的建筑物:

eu·ro /  ;  /noun (plural eurosC
1. a unit of money that can be used in most countries of the European Union欧元欧盟大部分国家使用的货币单位:

flour / flaur ; flaJE /noun U
1. a powder that is made by crushing wheat or other grain and is used for making bread, cakes etc面粉; 谷物磨成的粉:

 Ua sweet white or brown substance that is obtained from plants and used to make food and drinks sweet食糖:

rel·a·tive  /ˈrelətɪv/  /ˈrelətɪv/ noun C
1. a member of your family家人; 亲属,亲戚;SYNrelation

ex·tra  djective
 only before nounmore of something, in addition to the usual or standard amount or number额外的,另外的:

lug·gage   /ˈlʌɡɪdʒ/  /ˈlʌɡɪdʒ/ 
noun U
1. the cases, bags etc that you carry when you are travelling行李;SYNbaggage AmE:

li·ter() 或者 litre() ;  /noun
 Cwritten abbreviation the basic unit for measuring liquid in the metric system升,公升公制容量单位:

boil / bCIl ; bCIl /verb
 I,Twhen a liquid boils, or when you boil it, it becomes hot enough to turn into gas(使)沸腾,煮沸,烧开:
2. I,Tto cook something in boiling water用开水煮(食物):

fry / fraI ; fraI /verb
 I,Tto cook something in hot fat or oil, or to be cooked in hot fat or oil油煎,油炸,油炒:
fried adj. 油炸的

dump·ling   /ˈdʌmplɪŋ/ 
 /ˈdʌmplɪŋ/ noun C 1. a round lump of flour and fat mixed with water, cooked in boiling liquid and served with meat汤团; 汤圆; 水饺:

sweet  /  ;  /adjective
 TASTE 味道containing or having a taste like sugar甜的,味甜的;
2. CHARACTER 性格kind, gentle, and friendly和蔼的; 温柔的; 友好的:
3. CHILDREN / SMALL THINGS 小孩/小物品especially BrElooking pretty and attractive漂亮的,可爱的;SYNcute

por·ridge /  ;  /noun U
1. oats that are cooked with milk or water and served hot for breakfast燕麦粥,麦片粥;SYNoatmeal AmE

pork /  ;  /noun U
1. the meat from pigs猪肉:

con·ti·nen·tal /  ;  /adjective
 the continental United States all the states of the US except Alaska and Hawaii美国大陆不包括阿拉斯加和夏威夷,美国本土
2. relating to a large mass of land大陆的,大陆性的: ( continent
noun 洲,大洲,大陆)

sour /  ;  /adjective
 having a sharp acid taste, like the taste of a lemon or a fruit that is not ready to be eaten酸的,酸味的;ANTsweet3. unfriendly or looking bad-tempered不友善的,脾气坏的:

fruit / frut ; fru:t /noun (plural fruit or fruits1. C,Usomething that grows on a plant, tree, or bush, can be eaten as a food, contains seeds or a stone, and is usually sweet水果:

roll noun 1. PAPER / FILM / MONEY ETC /胶卷/钱等a piece of paper, camera film, money etc that has been rolled into the shape of a tube纸、胶卷、钱等的一卷:
 BREAD 面包a small round loaf of bread for one person面包卷,小圆面包;

chop /  ;  / verb
 also chop up to cut something into smaller pieces切,劈,砍:
noun C1. a small piece of meat on a bone, usually cut from a sheep or pig羊、猪等排骨;

chop su·ey /  ;  /noun U
1. a Chinese dish of meat and vegetables, served with rice炒杂碎用肉、蔬菜炒成的中国菜

pan·cake noun
 Ca thin flat round cake made from flour, milk, and eggs, that has been cooked in a flat pan and is eaten hot薄煎(烤,烙)饼;

How are things in NewYork. | 纽约的情况怎么样?

Where are you exactly? | 你到底在哪里?

So where exactly are you?

Where exactly are you at the moment?

I am going to bed. |我要睡觉了。

Shall I find you a hotel? | 我给你找个旅馆好么?

Shall I find you a taxi?

I’ll make you a reservation.

I’ll make you a real American breakfast. | 我将为你做一份地道的美食早餐。

Anyway, there’s an extra bedroom for you. | 不管怎样,你还有一间额外的卧室。

Why don’t I take you to the train station? | 我带你去火车站吧。

Why don’t’ I come over and meet you? | 我过来见你吧。

There are only 3 of us here! | 我们只有3个人。

There are six of us in the train. | 火车上有我们6个人。

There are two of you at the table. | (桌上吃饭)有你们两个人。

There are three of us in my family. | 我们家有三口人。

There are five of them in the room. | 房间里有他们五个人。

There are only four of them at the hostel. | 招待所里只有他们4个人。

There are ten of us in our class. | 我们班有我们十个人。

There are eight of you on the flight. | 飞机上有你们八个人。

We do have some. | 我们是有一些。


-How do you eat them?
Fried or boiled?
| 你怎么吃他们?(这东西怎么做?) 炸还是煮?

-You just boil them for two or three minuts. | 你只需要煮两到三分钟。

You just put one or two cups of rice, into a lot of water.

-And when do I take it out?

-You don’t, you just leave it there.

Just leave it there for a few minutes.

-So I fry the noodles first? | 那我先炒面条?

Then you boil them.

-Ok, they are ready now.

-Do I put in any sugar?

-If you like sugar, you can put it in.

Can you do rice porridge? | 你会做米粥吗?

Can you do a continental breakfast? | 你会做欧式早餐吗?

I want bread rolls for breakfast. | 我早餐想吃面包卷

Our cook doesn’t know how to make chicken chop suey. | 我们的厨师不懂如何做鸡杂

I can’t make sweet and sour pork. | 我不会做糖醋排骨

-These dumplings look ok. | look ok不是looks

Can you fried eggs for breakfast?

All I know about Chinese food is sweet and xxx and xxxxxxx

I am very sorry to hear that,but I am not sure what we can do about it.

You can just go down to Chinatown, they have everything you need. | 你可以直接去唐人街。

I am afraid I have a problem with the hotel. |

I’m not sure what we can do about that.

I’ll see what we can do.

One thing at a time. | 一心一意。(一次只做一件事)

Unit13 Lesson 2

el·e·gant /  ;  /adjective
 beautiful, attractive, or graceful优美的,高雅的:
2. an idea or a plan that is elegant is very intelligent yet simple想法或计划巧妙的,简洁的:

smart  adjective 3. NEAT 整洁的 BrE a. a smart person is wearing neat attractive clothes and has a generally tidy appearance衣着整洁漂亮的,衣冠楚楚的;SYNsharp AmEANTscruffy
 smart clothes, buildings etc are clean, tidy, and attractive衣服、建筑等整洁漂亮的;SYNsharp AmE:4. FASHIONABLE 时髦的BrEfashionable or used by fashionable people时髦的; 时髦人士用的:

an·noy·ing /  ;  /adjective
 making you feel slightly angry讨厌的,令人气恼的;SYNirritating

technical support 技术支持,技术援助

cus·tom·er  英 /ˈkʌstəmə(r)/  /ˈkʌstəmər/ noun C
1. someone who buys goods or services from a shop, company etc顾客,客户:

cus·tom noun a. the place where your bags are checked for illegal goods when you go into a country检查入境人员行李的海关;

op·e·ra·tor  noun C /ˈɒpəreɪtə(r)/  /ˈɑːpəreɪtər/ 
1. someone who works on a telephone switchboard , who you can call for help电话接线员:
2. someone who operates a machine or piece of equipment机器或设备的操作者,操作员:3. a person or company that operates a particular business经营者; 公司:

bro·chure /  ;  /noun C
1. a thin book giving information or advertising something小册子:

ap·par·el   /əˈpærəl/ 
 /əˈpærəl/ noun Uformal
1. clothes服装:

buy·er /  ;  /noun C
1. someone who buys something expensive such as a house or car房屋或汽车等的买主,买方,买家;ANTseller,vendor:

ter·rif·ic /  ;  /adjective
 informalvery good, especially in a way that makes you feel happy and excited极好的,极棒的; 非常愉快的;SYNgreat

calling about

I’m calling about date. | 我打电话是为了约会。

I’m calling about work. |我打电话是为了工作


-You have version 1.01, the old version.

-But this version is only two months old.

I have version 2.0 of that program.

-I’m going to turn it off.

-How can I install the new version?

-Two months is a long time in modern technology. | 两个月对于现代科技来说是一段很长的时间。

-You can install the new version over the old one. | 你可以在旧版本的基础上安装新版本。

See you about 6 o’clock.

The thing is you work for a multnational company, don’t you? Perhaps your company needs interpreters.

Sorry, all our operators are busy at the moment, but your call is very important to us. please hold. | 对不起,我们的接线员现在都很忙。

What the hell with it? | 搞什么鬼

Someone else is having problem with that virtual secretary program. | 还有人对那个虚拟秘书程序有意见。

I’m having problems with the virtual secretary program.

We won’t be long. | 我们不会太久的。

This is ECS customer services. | 这里是ECS客户服务中心。

Will you get me John Berry at Plastic Box, Please? | 请帮我接Plastic BoxJohn Berry好吗?

Don’t talk to me like that, or I’ll turn you off.

Are you going out with this fool here? | 你要跟这个傻瓜出去(约会)吗?

But it isn’t your business, anyway! | 但不管怎么样,这不关你的事!

I’ll do what I like, thank you very much. |

You know what, Annie? You have no heart! | 你知道吗安妮?你没有心!

Don’t call me, I won’t be there. | 别给我打电话,我不会在场的(不会接的)

Oh, forget about her, John. | 忘了她吧John.

Can you come and take a look?

Can you come around and take a look?

Is tomorrow morning at 10:00 ok for you? | 明天上午10点可以吗?

Yes, of couse, 10:30 is good for me.

I am busy tomorrow.

I’ll be happy to come around. | 我很乐意过来。

So why don’t you introduce me to her?


People use the word “apparel” when they are writing.

Please dial the extension number of the person you want to speak to, or hold to speak to one of our salespeople. |

Please dial the extension of the person you want to speek to. | 请拨您要通话人的分机号。

Please hold, and some one will take your call very soon. | 请稍等,很快会有人接听您的电话。

Hold the line, please.

Who am I speaking to please? | 请问您是哪位?

I am sorry, I don’t’ understand what this person is saying. | 抱歉,我不明白这个人在说什么。

What is the extension of the person you want to reach? | 你要找的人分机号是多少?

I am trying to find “Women’s Clothing” in the yellow pages. | 我正(试图)在黄页上找女()()装。

Can she come and see you in person? | 她能亲自来见你吗?

I’m sorry to trouble you.

-No trouble at all.

It’s no trouble at all.

-Hold on, I’ll just write that down. | 等等,我把它写下来。

Where is Women’s Clothing? Maybe it’s under “w”

It’s so annoying! | 真烦人!

I make women’s clothes.

They are very smart, very elegant, and not expensive.

I’ll give back to you if I’m interesting. | 如果我感兴趣,我会给你回复的

James tells me your stuff is terrific. | James 告诉我你的东西很棒。

I am in the clothing business too. | 我也做服装生意。(我也从事服装业)

Ok, thanks. See you there at six John.

-Would you like to have a dinner with me?

-No, Let’s not do anything special. Let’s just have a drink. | 不,我们别做任何特别的事,我们喝一杯吧。

Why don’t we have a drink now? | 我们现在去喝一杯()怎么样?

-I’m sorry. I’m meeting a friend right now.

-Let’s meet next week.

How about Monday?

Unit13 Lesson 3

ti·dy /  ;  /adjective
comparative tidiertidiest especially BrE
1. a room, house, desk etc that is tidy is neatly arranged with everything in the right place房间、房子、书桌等整洁的,整齐的;SYNneat;

ash·tray /  ;  /noun C
1. a small dish where you put used cigarettes烟灰缸,烟灰碟

shame  /ʃeɪm/  /ʃeɪm/ 
 it’s a shame / what a shame etc spokenused when you wish a situation was different, and you feel sad or disappointed真遗憾,多可惜啊:2. Uthe feeling you have when you feel guilty and embarrassed because you, or someone who is close to you, have done something wrong因做错事感到的羞愧,羞耻,惭愧:3. Uthe ability to feel shame羞耻心,羞愧感:

coach /  ;  /noun
 IN PLANE / TRAIN 在飞机/火车上UAmEthe cheapest type of seats on a plane or train普通旅客车厢;飞机的经济舱:

al·co·hol·ic  /ælkə’hɒlɪk/  /,ælkə’hɔlɪk/
adjective 1. relating to alcohol or containing alcohol(含)酒精的;ANTnonalcoholic
•alcoholic drinks酒精饮料

juice   /dʒuːs/  /dʒus/
noun 1. C,Uthe liquid that comes from fruit and vegetables, or a drink that is made from this水果和蔬菜的; 水果(蔬菜)汁饮料:

……the same now as…

-You are the same now as you were then. | 你现在和过去一样。

It isn’t the same now as it was then. | 现在和过去不一样了。

The department is the same now as it was then.

They aren’t the same now as they were before.

I’m not the same now as I was then.

He isn’t the same now as he was before.

you won’t,will you?

You won’t have any loud music, will you?

You won’t have french food, will you ?

Why aren’t things like in NewYork?

What do you mean, I was different?

I mean, no, you are the same, but you were sweet and gentle. | 我是说,不,你是一样的,但你过去很可爱,很温柔。

-So you don’t think I am sweet and gentle now? | 所以你觉得我现在不甜美温柔了是么?

-Maybe I was different in NewYork.

I was happy in NewYork, but I’m not happy now.

You are late. Where were you.

How can you just sit there, when I’m doing all the work? | 你怎么能只是坐在那里?

Will you turn that damn TV off? | 把那该死的电视关掉么?

Take the money and go! | 拿着钱走吧!

It’s a real shame. | 真可惜。

I don’t have any one to talk to.

Sorry, but I am who am I. |对不起,但我就是我。

-Is there a flight to NewYork soon?

-Yes, there is one an hour.

-I’d like to buy a tickit, please.

-One way, or round-trip?

-One way, please. I don’t need a return tickit.
I don’t think I’ll come back here.

What is going on here? | 这里发生了什么?

Just this time. | 就这一次

What about a dance? | 跳个舞怎么样?

I am not going anywhere. | 我哪儿也不去。

I am going. | 我要走了。

I won’t be back tonight.

I must start cooking dinner.

Why don’t we go out for dinner sometime, what do you say? | 我们什么时候出去吃个晚饭,你说呢。

Were you on the 18:30 flight? | 你在18:30的班机吗?

-No, I wasn’t on the 18:30 flight.

We are not together anymore.

He still in love with me. | 他还爱着我。

Why aren’t things like before?

I am not the same. I was different before. |

Never mind about your husband. | 别在意你的丈夫。

We will never be happy together. | 我们在一起永远不会开心的。

-Are you married?

-I was before, but now it’s over.

What time is the flight boarding?

What gate does the plane leave from?

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