Wall Street speaking English(unit1-5)

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What’s your job?

What’s your nationality?

surname 姓 =last name, family name

What’s your first name?

Canadian adj 加拿大的,加拿大人 | Iranian adj. 伊朗的,伊朗人 Tehran n. 德黑兰

married adj 已婚的 | single adj. 单身的 | divorced adj. 离异的 | avenue n. 街,大街 | gross adj. 令人讨厌的,令人厌恶的

Are you married?

And I’m an immigration officer!

What’s your address? And what’s your phone number?

What’s your address in New York?

And what’s your room number?

I am in room 581.

conference receptionist 会议接待员 | secretary n. 秘书
journalist n. 记者

embassy /  ;  / n. 大使馆

incredible /ɪn’kredɪb(ə)l/
adj. 难以置信的 | credible adj. 可靠的,可信的

Hello and welcom ! 这里主要注意连读家w

Mr. China 中国先生 | Mr. France 法国先生 | Mr. Spain 西班牙先生 | Mr. universe 宇宙先生

Where is that? | 那是哪里?在哪里?

It’s in the North. | 在北部。

That’s fantastic!


You are thirty and you are not married? | No,I am not.

Unit 4

res·er·va·tion /  ;  /noun [房间,坐位等的]预订,预约

I have a reservation for a single room. /I have a reservation.| 我预订了一个单间。/我订了个房间。

What’s your address in this country?

You have a room for me . | 你有一个房间给我,你们这有我一间房。

What’s the address? | 地址是什么?

receptionist n. 接待员

/’hɒrɪb(ə)l/ adj.
very bad – used for example about things you see, taste, or smell, or about the weather

Yes,what is it? | 嗯?怎么了?

What’s my room number?

Where is the elevator? | 电梯在哪里?

Room 638 is a double room,not a single room. Do you have a single room?

No,I am sorry,I only have this room.

Ok,how much is it?

suit·case /  ;  /noun C
可数名词 行李箱

briefcase  /’briːfkeɪs/  /’brifkes/ /noun C 公文包

1. a place where people can stay and eat fairly cheaply[提供廉价食宿的旅舍,招待所]

1.(职位)空位,空缺 2.(旅馆、大楼中的)空房间

band n. (尤指演奏流行音乐的)乐队、乐团

rock singer

universal  /juːnɪ’vɜːs(ə)l/   /’jʊnə’vɝsl/ 3.普遍存在的,广泛适用的

1. involving everyone in the world or in a particular group全世界的; 全体的; 共同的: 2. true or suitable in every situation通用的; 万能的:

ap·point·ment /  ;  /noun 1. Can arrangement for a meeting at an agreed time and place, for a particular purpose约定,约会2. C,Uwhen someone is chosen for a position or job任命,委任:

The hostel is full.
| 旅店住满了。

It’s on the fifth floor. |在第五层。

Have a beer. /Have a coffee . /Have a soda.|

I have a Mr.
Justin for you .
| 我这有个Justin先生找你。

I am a salesman for ECS in NewYork. |我是纽约ECS公司的一个销售员。

What do you have in there? | 你那里是(有)什么?

Here you are, have a look. | 给你,你看一下。

Do you have an appointment? | 你有预约么?

I have a appointment with Mr. You. |我和You先生有个约会。

Unit 5(打电话)

a·part·ment noun C
1. especially AmEa set of rooms on one floor of a large building, where someone lives在同一楼层的一套住房,公寓套间;

square /  ;  /adjective ,none ,adv ,verb

Where to?
| 去那里?

It’s on west 16th street. | 在16号街西侧。

It is far from your apartment?| 这里离你的公寓远么?

No, it’s very near. | 不,很近。

Is this Susan? | Susan吗?|Yes, who is that? |
This is Kristi.

Is it nice? | 那里好么?

No, it’s terrible.

I am all right.

Have a seat . |(请)坐

Do you want a drink?

Yes,please. | 好的。

Come over now. | 现在过来吧。

Come on over to my apartment. |

What’s the time. | 现在几点?

It’s out of order. | (电梯等)坏了。

darn   /dɑːn/  /dɑrn/
also darn it / him / them etcinterjection AmE informal
1. used to show that you are annoyed or disappointed讨厌,可恶,倒霉用于表示生气或失望;

It’s ok,thanks.I have a car too. | 没事儿(不用了),谢谢,我也有车。

You have the wrong number. | 你打错号码了。

Is Carol Barker there? |(电话场景)(你那里)Carol Barker么?

Hi Carol,John Berry here. | 我是xxx.

Where are we? | 我们在哪儿?

You are only on 41st street? | 才到41号街?

We have an appointment for half-past eleven. | 我们约好十一点半。

Do you want a cup of coffee in my room? | 到我房间喝杯咖啡么?

I’m late. I am late for work.



充电器 charger
My phone died. 我手机没电了。| My phone is dead.
My phone is dying . | My phone is about to die . 我手机快没电了。
My phone is about to die. I neet to charge it . Can I borrow you charger?|我手机快没电了,我需要给它充电,能借你充电器用么?
My phone has 30 per cent charge left. | 我手机剩余30%的电量。
I can’t hear you .We have a bad connection.
You are breaking up. | 你说话断断续续。
How much discount can I get? | 能给我打几折?
On Sale 在出售(打折出售、促销)
This dress is on sale . | 这件衣服正在打折。
Is this on sale ? | Are these on sale ? 这些东西打折么?
No thank you , I am fine . I just looking. |买不起,我就是随便看看。

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