WallStreet English Unit 9-10

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Unit 9 lesson 1

noun (plural studios) C 录音室,播音室,演播室,工作室,(舞蹈)排练厅

plus /  ;  /preposition

ex·tra /  ;  / adjective
 not before nounif something is extra, it is not included in the price of something and you have to pay more for it额外付费的:

noun C
1. something which is added to a basic product or service that improves it and often costs more另外收费的事物:

fare /  ;  /noun
 Cthe price you pay to travel somewhere by bus, train, plane etc公共汽车、火车、飞机等的票价:

I am back in NewYork. | 我回到纽约了。

He is just back from Paris./I am just back from Paris.

There is a $70 fare,plus 15$ extra for the airport. | 再加15美元的机场额外费用。

-Excuse me a moment,Terry. | 离开一下(打扰下)……

-Take your time | 慢慢来。

Wait a minute,don’t I know you? |

What does he want? | 他想怎么样?

-Can I /May I have your name please?

-This is Jack Cooper.

-Just a moment,Mr. Cooper.

-Mr. Peters, there’s someone on the phone.Do you want to speak to him. | 有人在电话里找你。

-He isn’t in office, can I give hime a message?

We’re in the newspapers now. | 我们现在上报纸了。


Unit 9 lesson 2

vir·tu·al /  ;  /adjective
 made, done, seen etc on the Internet or on a computer, rather than in the real world虚拟的,模拟的指通过计算机网络:

sec·re·ta·ry /  ;  /noun (plural secretariesC

sign / saIn ; saIn /noun 标记,指示牌,标牌; verb 1.签署,签字,在…上签字 2. sign an agreement / contract / treaty etc to make a document, agreement etc official and legal by writing your signature on it签署协议书/合同/条约等:

prod·uct  noun 产品,制品,物品

fed up
1. annoyed or bored, and wanting something to change厌烦的,不满的,无法再忍受的:

cham·pagne /  ;  /noun U
1. a French white wine with a lot of bubbles , drunk on special occasions法国香槟酒

course / kCrs ; kC:s /noun10. MEAL 菜肴Cone of the separate parts of a meal一道菜:

salmon noun 鲑鱼,三文鱼,大麻哈鱼

caviar noun 鱼子酱

steak /  ;  /noun
 C,Ugood quality beef , or a large thick piece of any good quality red meat牛排; 优质红肉的肉排

buck  noun
 DOLLAR informala US , Canadian, or Australian dollar美元; 加元; 澳元:



take a message 捎口信

Can I install the program on this computer?

What does it do | 它有什么作用?

Can I take a message? | (他不在)我能转告么?

-Can I see some diamond rings? | 我能看看钻石戒指么?(店铺买东西)

-I’d like a very good one. | 我想要个很好的。

-What would you like for your first course?

-Smoked salmon and caviar! | 烟熏三文鱼和鱼子酱。

And for your second course?

I want to marry you!

Do you have another man? | 你有别的男人了?

Why are you here with me ? If you don’t love me.| 那你怎么和我在一起?

I like you , but I just don’t love you. | 我喜欢你,但我不爱你。

Money isn’t a problem for me. | 钱对我来说不是问题。(特么没钱对我来说就特别是问题)

If I want something, I can have it. | 如果我想要一些东西,我可以拥有。

What about this bill? | 那这个账单呢?

What’s on the TV this evening? |今晚电视上有什么?

Can I speak with Mr. Berry please? | (这里又没用to)

What time are you in the office,in the moring,or in the afternoon?

Can I order please ? | 我可以点菜么?


Unit 9 lesson 3

spa·ghet·ti /  ;  /noun U

prawn / prCn ; prC:n /noun Cespecially BrE 对虾,明虾,大虾

vi·no  noun U
informal 葡萄酒(廉价)


come over 过来;顺便来访;抓住

kurdistan 库尔斯坦 kurdish 库尔德人的



What are you doing here? | 你在这里做什么?

I have some news for you. | 我有些消息要告诉你。

I am giving you some news.

When are you going? | 你什么时候走?

Well, I am going home now. | 好吧,我现在回家。

I’m not earning much. | 我的收入不高。

Why do you always ask me for money?

Why not get another job?/ Why don’t you get another job? |注意仔细分别两个句子的区别,一个有“you”,一个没有“you”

Why don’t I pay? | 我为什么不付款?

I am leaving.

I am leaving for home. | 我要回去了。

Why are you leaving NewYork?(注意这几个系表结构的问句,都是动词的现在分词形式)

Where are you going?

Is that all right for you? | 这样合适你么?(这样还可以么?)

Why are we having a new teacher? | 我们为什么要有新老师?

Let’s go out to a nice restaurant. | 让我们去一家不错的餐厅。

Are you fed up with us? | 你厌倦我们了么?

No, I’m not fed up with you.

Here’s to love. | 这是爱。(为了爱干杯)

Here’s to us. | 这是给我们的。(为我们干杯)

-To love.




-Vegetable soup for three. | 三份蔬菜汤。


Unit 10 Lesson 1

de·par·ture /  ;  /noun
 C,Uan act of leaving a place, especially at the start of a journey离开,启程;ANTarrival 2. C,Uan act of leaving an organization or position对某组织的脱离; 离职:3. Ca flight, train etc that leaves at a particular time航班、火车等的出发:

lemon 柠檬 mineral 矿物,矿产 mineral water 矿泉水

ev·i·dence /  ;  /noun
 Ufacts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true证据,证明:

sales catalog 销售目录



I must have it today. | 我今天必须得到它。

Please, I really must go now.

Air Jamaica announces the
departure of flight AJ569 to Trinidad. | 牙买加航空宣布

My plane is leaving! | 我的飞机要起飞了!

My plane is leaving in 20 minutes.

-Why are you going there?

-On business.

-What are you bringing? | 你带的什么东西?

What time is the next flight to BeiJing please? | 问航班。

-When is the next flight? | 下一趟航班是什么时候?

Give me a firstclass tickit please. | 给我一张头等舱的票。

But that’s in only 40 minutes. | (这趟航班)只有40分钟(就要起飞)了。

But you can’t travel on that filght. |但你不能乘那班飞机。

He would like to speak to that guy in NewYork. | 他想和纽约的那个家伙说话。

Is this the first visit to BeiJing?

What kind of business are you in ? | 你从事什么业务?

Do you have any sales documentation or anything of that sort. | 你有任何销售文件或任何此类文件?

This my company’s sales catalog and this my business card. | 这是我公司的销售目录,这是我的名片。



So where will you stay? | 那你会待在哪里?

Where are you staying? |你住在哪里?

How long are you staying? | 你住多久?

When are you retuning to China?

Now I’ll take a photo of you. | 现在我给你照相。

-Sorry about my terrible English.

-That’s ok.You’ll learn. | 没关系,你会学到的。

What as they’re full?

Can you show me any evidence? | 你能出示什么证据么?

Now please,put your finger on this pad here. |现在,请把手指放在这里。

Can you look into the camera, please? | 请你看摄像头。

Is that alright?



Unit10 Lesson 2

cli·ent  noun C
1. someone who gets services or advice from a professional person, company, or organization客户,客人,顾客;SYN customer

me·di·um /  ;  /adjective
 of middle size, level, or amount大小、水平或数量中等的; 中号的:

cheese /  ;  /noun C,U
1. a solid food made from milk, which is usually yellow or white in colour, and can be soft or hard干酪,奶酪:

sal·ad /  ;  /noun C,U
1. a mixture of raw vegetables, especially lettuce , cucumber , and tomato色拉:

fes·ti·val /  ;  /noun C
1. an occasion when there are performances of many films, plays, pieces of music etc, usually happening in the same place every year电影、戏剧、音乐等的节,节庆:

mandarin   英 /ˈmændərɪn/  /ˈmændərɪn/ 
1. the official language of China, spoken by most educated Chinese people中国官话,普通话

av·e·nue /  ;  /noun C
1. Avenue used in the names of streets in a town or city街,大街:

Broadway 百老汇

 /’nebɚ,hʊd/  n.附近,地区,街道

at the moment

cou·ple  /ˈkʌpl/   /ˈkʌpl/ noun
a. two things or people of the same kind一对,一双
2. Ctwo people who are married or having a sexual or romantic relationship 一堆夫妇,一堆情侣

what·ev·er /  ;  /determiner & pron
 used to say that it is not important what happens, what you do etc because it does not change the situation无论什么,不管什么:


an·y·way /  ;  /  1. in spite of the fact that you have just mentioned尽管如此:
2. used when adding a remark which shows that the fact just mentioned is not important反正用于补充说明刚才提到的事实不重要:3. used when adding something that corrects or slightly changes what you have just said至少:4. spokenused when you are ignoring details so that you can talk immediately about the most important thing总之:5. spokenused when you are changing the subject of a conversation or returning to a previous subject对了,好吧用于转换话题或回到前一个话题:6. spokenused when you want to end a conversation or leave a place噢,啊用于结束谈话或离开:


ba·con /  ;  /noun U (通常切成薄片的)咸猪肉,熏猪肉,腌肉

toast  英 /təʊst/  /toʊst/ noun 1. Ubread that has been heated so that it is brown on both sides and no longer soft烤面包(片),吐司:

sit·u·a·tion  noun C 1. a combination of all the things that are happening and all the conditions that exist at a particular time in a particular place形势,情况,状况,局面


This is the small-size. | 这是小号。

Let me buy you dinner. | 我给你买晚餐。

I must get you a taxi. | 我必须打个车给你。

I have apointment at 9:30.

I’m afraid… 我恐怕

I’m afraid you are late, John.

I’m afraid we don’t have any coffee.

I’m afraid this the only table.

I’m a fraid not.

Our boxes come in three sizes. |我们的盒子有三种尺寸。

Do you have a reservation, sir? | 先生,请问你们有预定么?

The workers are on strike. | 工人正在罢工。

On strike? What does ‘on strike’ mean, please?

It means they are not working.

I want to check-in, please. | 我要登记入住。

You are staying for three days, and leaving on March 9th. | 您将停留3天,然后于3月9日离开。

My booking is for three days, but I’d like to stay for two weeks. | 我的预定是3天,但我想停留两周。

I have a special price for the room for three days. | 我有特价的房间,为期3天。

You’ll get the same rate. | 你将获得相同的费率(折扣率)

You say it very well. | 你说得很好。

But I know that the family name comes first in Chinese. | 但我知道姓氏是中文的第一位。

I am not saying it very well. | 我说得不是很好。

Not at all, madam. I understand exactly what you mean. | 女士,一点也不,我完全明白你的意思。

How do I say this in English? | 这个用英语怎么说?

Take your time, madam. | 夫人,慢慢来。



This is the hotel, on the corner of 49th Street. | 这是酒店,位于第49街的拐角处。注意这里是On the corner

Do you know if Broadway is by the hotel? | 你知道百老汇是否在酒店附近吗?

-The streets in NewYork don’t have names, they only have numbers. |

-Not all of them.

-You have the streets going from east to west. And then you have the Avenues from north-east to south-west. | 有从东到西的街道。还有从东北到西南的大道。

-Can you tell me if there’re any clothing stores, in the neighborhood? | 你能告诉我附近是否有服装店吗?

-Do you want ladies’s clothes or men’s clothes?

-Just ladies’s clothes, that’s all.

Can/Will you tell me if there is…/there are

Will you tell me if there’s an English school on the corner? | 您能告诉我拐角处是否有一所英语学校?(再次注意是on the corner)


Susan wants to know if Roger is seeing another woman. |

Why don’t you

Look Roger, why don’t you cook dinner sometimes? | 听着,罗杰,你为什么有时不煮晚餐?

Why don’t you see me at the airport?

Why don’t you come over here?

Why don’t you eat breakfast?

Why don’t you tell her about me?

Why don’t you come by subway?

Why aren’t you here to meet me? | 你怎么不来找我?

-I’m here at the airport.

-Sorry, I’m really busy at the moment.

-All right, I’ll come home by subway.

I want to go to sleep. | 我要睡觉了。

When will you be home?

She will be here in two hours.

I’ll make lunch for us. |

I’m hungry, is dinner ready yet?

What do you want for breakfast?

I’m not cooking breakfast for you! | 我不为你做早餐!

You are a great cook. | 你真是个好厨师。

oh, stop it, Roger. | 哦,别说了。

There is no hurry,take it easy. | 不用着急,别紧张。

I know it’s a shoe. I mean : whose is it? | 我知道这是一只鞋。我是说-这是谁的?

I really don’t like this situation. | 我真的不喜欢这种情况。

-What kind of friend am I. | 我是什么样的朋友。

It’s ok, she doesn’t know anything.

I want to be alone. Don’t talk to me.

I’m doing great! | 我很好。


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